Monthly Archives: August 2011

Getting ready for Burning Man

Hey friends,

Sorry, it’s been a while since my last entry. But there’s a very good reason for this. I am, as we speak, in the final stages of preparation for Burning Man, as many of you know an annual ritual for me.

I met with my oncologist on Aug 5th and he gave the okay for me to begin chemo a few days after I return from the desert.

We’ve got a great crew joining us for our annual pilgrimage, and as I’m still working my way back to my fighting weight, I’ll be tooling around in a sweet 6-seater golf cart that we’ve retrofitted to serve sno-kones. Kaki, Cal and I leave tonight, and we’ll be back on September 6th with lots of photos and stories to tell. I’ll update you all then. If anyone’s going to be out on the playa, you can find us at Camp Frosty in our usual spot, at 3:15 and L, in walk-in camping. look for the giant water tower and the big stepvan with the cloud mural . That’s us. Come by and set a spell 🙂