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Dec 13th

hellos and hellos

I would like to apologize to anyone who checks here to see how I am doing .    I have been trying to embrace what seems normal or should I say ordinary and not so heightened and intense which I feel keeps me away from reflecting on my condition , so as to get it out of the foreground of my thoughts.

We also realized this past weekend was exactly a year since first started having symptoms , time sure does fly when your having fun .

That said I am doing quite well. I ended chemo and had my first test cat scan which also went well . Kaki and I spent the last week of chemo in Hawaii at  Mike and Girrard’s lovely Kauai vacation home. They are partners who thought it would be rejuvenating for us to be there for some of my recovery . We had a great time I am posting a couple of photos and a video of me swimming in the ocean . swimming near queens bath As if this year were not fun filled enough I almost cut off two of my fingers while trying to get reacquainted with my wood shop. This happened an hour after I had a tooth pulled to replace an old dental fridge that had failed . Kaki told me to go home and rest but I didn’t listen ……    All is good though the cuts were surface flesh only no nerve damage or muscle stuff.        Thanksgiving was great got to spend it with cindy goldfield and midget  gang , my mom came out from NH and complained that it was too cold here , hello global warming . It was so great to show off to her that I am doing so well . I am at 145 pounds which is 20 pounds over my lowest weight .      Things are  as good as they could be , kaki and I are going to her folks in san diego for the Baby Jesus birthday  party, thats gonna be fun as I have never been.

Also since we have been through the ringer this year and came out the other side in tact  and only missing a couple of parts. We have decided to take a long trip around the big blue dirt ball we all call home. We  will  travelling on visas in more ways than one :0)

We are hoping to start in late april near the cuba and then go to eastern europe turkey then move into southeast asia eventually ending in new zealand. So we  would love suggestions on places any of you may have been that you loved.  We want to take advantage of my good health