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I encourage everyone who visits this site to leave a note, no matter how brief.  It means so much to me .



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  1. Hey man – glad to see an update even if the news is crappy – I’m sending sympathetic vibes your way and I think of you often – your generosity of spirit shines through the darkness…

    warmest regards,

  2. Dan, I saw Cal today and heard that you are once again fighting cancer. I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and sending love and positive vibes your way. Stay strong brother!!!



  3. Dano- no updates for a couple of months, everything OK? Time for
    a Martha’s session, call me man, I am thinking of you and hoping that you are well.


  4. Love your entry post-Burning Man. Inspiring and beautiful! Keep the faith and keep up the good work. Lots of love to you!!! xoxo

  5. Hello my sweet friend. Sending warm sunny thoughts from Santa Monica, my new home–at least for the moment. (!) Hope to catch up one day soon. Lots of love to you. xoxoxxx

  6. hugs hugs hugs and more hugs……………
    I will be patient and wait to see ya,
    but you know how impatient I am …….
    in fairfax you can lounge by the pool if you like 😉

  7. thinking of you today dan- SO thrilled you made it to the playa and hope it was amazing. xomeredith

  8. Burn baby burn! You are an awesome human, with so many talents – love your writing. I, too, am sending much love and healing your way.
    Without a doubt,

  9. Hi Dan:

    Moved in early July and still haven’t figured out the “router” for my laptop or how to get the booting kinks out of my son’s new computer. (Always take advantage of a borrowed computer!) Just wanted to let you know that you remain in our thoughts and prayers from across the mile. Fight the fight, Captain. Hugs!!!

    Fitzy – 83

  10. Hi Dan,

    It’s Nicole, AKA Phyllis Diller from the ’08 campaign. I’ve been checking in here regularly for your always inspirational updates. Just wanted to tell you I’ve been thinking about you. And that I know the indefatigable fellow I had the pleasure to knock doors with so long ago in Cleveland can beat anything.

    I’m in the Bay area for the next few months. I’m sure there’s quite the line, but if you ever need visitors, just say the word. In the meantime, I’ll be (and have been) sending as many good vibes as this cold crusty New York City heart will let me 🙂


  11. Hi Dan,
    I am the sister of Bob Hanes, and he sent me your website awhile ago. I think you are going to Burning Man with him next week?
    He thinks the world of you, so have a great time, and safe travels
    All the best to you in getting healthy!

  12. thinking of you now….at 12:31 August 14, 2011 as i sit here planning my reno day tomorrow for my “camping trip”. wishing you all the best health and strength. and hoping to see you all out there at the end of the month. much love,

  13. Hi Dan,
    I checked to see how you are doing and was so glad to read your most recent post and to know that you are no longer in such pain. You are an inspiration to me. I send you all the brightest wishes for a total return to health. I hope that you can go to BM. I know how you love it. I wish that I could wave a wand a make that happen for you.
    Keeping you in my thoughts and sending love.

  14. hi papabear!

    it’s my bday today and i am sitting in my sun-room thinking about how lucky i am that i get to have you in my life.
    thanks for the funny bday message… you do “having a cold” well.

    i love you, big brother.

  15. I’ll deliver your bagel with cream cheese and tomatoes and your coffee any day! Sending good vibes your way and lots of prayers.

  16. Dearest, darling Dan! Hands down you are in the Parker history books of the BEST freakin’ audition EVER! Not sure if you recall, but the first time we met you had us wetting our pants (its a girl thing!) we were laughing so hard. What an intro! That grew into a friendship – I seem to recall you were one of the first to inspect my Rockridge house (blast from the past!) and I’m only sorry we lost touch thru the years. I am humbled and in awe of your courage and honesty in documenting your experiences – you are truly a talented writer and a gifted soul. Sending you healing light and a big appetite…and love, love, love!!! xoBetsy

  17. Hey Dan,
    This is Kasra, the med student that you had to encounter when you came to the ER at the UC. I was just writing about my experiences and started wondering about the spasm pill, JP drain and if all that business worked out and then burning man and all that jazz. I remembered that you told me that you are an artist in the City and i decided to look for you on google and in between series of googling my own name and came across your blog.
    I am very happy to see that it worked out and you are more comfortable and you blog is very bad ass.
    Hope we cross path some time elsewhere

  18. Chocolate marshmallow icecream, baked ziti with extra melted gooey cheese, white pizza with gobs of gooey mozzarella cheese, a Blizzard from Dairy Queen, 3 egg omelet with cheese and sausage and mushrooms and more cheese and bacon bits, pancakes with gobs of butter and buckets of maple syrup followed by a freezing cold large glass of whole milk, Drastic Weight Gain calls for Drastic Measures.
    Thought I’d offer some dreamy suggestions for packing on the pounds. I’m a pro at it.
    Further suggestions readily available upon request. 🙂

    Thinking of you and hoping weight and strength is gained,
    Kelly from Philadelphia

  19. Hi Dan,
    You don’t know me- I met your lovely lady Kaki at yoga last week.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I have a friend who is also dealing with pancreatic cancer. I think she’s about two months behind you in the process. I gave her your website and Kaki’s email, she might be in touch.

    I wish you the best. Keep on kicking the crap out of pancreatic cancer!

  20. Oh Dan! I have been thinking of you each and every day…after morning meditation I see you
    surrounded by golden healing light…and you have that wonderful goofy expression that is
    inmitably Dan. I am in such awe of your brave honesty…
    love to you and Kaki, Gail

  21. I love you danny boy. Thinking of you everyday and wishing your pain away….and pounds on. xoxoxokissesandinappropriatehugs

  22. Dear Dan,
    I am thinking of you each day. Please know that my family is sending you all our love and more

  23. Sending you nothing but love, Dan. My sister sent me your website. Both my sisters, Betsy and Barbara Parker, and I have worked with you on videos in the past. I am the EP at Visa and you have tickled our funny bones on quite a few occasions.

    I will be looking for your posts.

    Over and out.



  24. Heyya Dan — I’ve been thinking about you lots, so I hope you’re getting the good vibes mixed in along with all the love you have flowing around you. Sending lots of love to Dr. Kirkwood, too, who sounds like a dream.

    Miracles happen everyday. You are protected in each and every way.

    love and squeezy tight ((hugs))

  25. Captain, my Captain. Hope that you are feeling better each and every day. Warm best wishes from the “Mother Country.” Fitzy 83

  26. Hey Dan! I stumbled upon your site completely by accident while searching for the Portraits for Inside the Belly of a Whale book. Imagine my surprise! So sorry to hear you are on such a rough journey. Thinking about that killer ferris wheel and loft space you built at burning man makes me smile. Yeah, it’s been awhile. Much Love,

  27. I wish we were all together with the sun warming our bodies telling stories and laughing at your jabs and jokes. Sarana is off in Alaska and I am home with my sweet dog sitting at my desk and thinking of you and Kaki and Cal and Deb. Love to you my sweet friend, Kathleen

  28. Hey Dan…it’s your “daughter” from Contagion 🙂 My Mom and I ran into “scary guy” Tom at the Burbank airport and he told us you weren’t feeling well 🙁 I’m crossing my fingers that you and me make it to the big screen when the movie comes out in September. I had so much fun doing our scene and you were so funny and nice. Big hug from me and my Mom…We are thinking about you and praying for you to get well soon. Love, Jessica

  29. Dan ,

    Shannon sent me the link. My (and our) thoughts are with you. We will be making a donation. Before we do, I was wondering if you can create a 501c3 charitable organization, so my company can match the donation.


  30. Hey Dan,

    I hope you are feeling better and getting out to enjoy some of that famous San Francisco fog. Sounds like quite an ordeal you’ve been through, but hopefully you’ve got those obnoxious cancer cells on the run and looking at their pink slip (and not the pretty silky kind, either!). I think of you often and am sending positive energy vibes your way. Hang in there!



  31. Dan,

    I was so happy to hear your voice today. You sounded strong, determined, and light. I’m even happier to know that you’re body has a fresh start. I’m inspired to hear how this ordeal has made you a better person…although I’m not so sure that’s possible;) You’ve always been at the top of my list. You’re the Red Sox…cancer, The Cardinals…and it’s 2004. My money is always on you.

    I am sending you a lot of love and many hugs.

  32. DD- Great to read that you are home and improving, and to
    remind you that you are not what you feel, which means that you are NOT
    a huge pain in the ass! Im grateful that Dr. K is back and that she could help
    with the pain. Let me know when I can bring you by a meal.
    Keep gettin’ better-
    Dan P.

  33. Hey Danny, just got back from Dwell show in LA. Was great. Been thinking about you allot. Hope you’re healing is progressing faster and faster. Will see you around the shop. Hugs and kisses. GB

  34. hey dan,
    just stopped by to see if there was any news of your recovery….sounds like it hasn’t been totally smooth sailing, but in true captain form you are handling it with grace and resilience.
    sending you canuck love and wishes for ease in the coming few days and weeks.
    xox em

  35. hi danny, i’m keeping up on your progress thru your mom. keep up your courage, prayers, positive thoughts and love can work miricles. judy from epsom

  36. Hi Dan,
    It’s your old friend Kelly from Philly. (Alright, you don’t know me at all).
    But as a nurse I find myself checking on you and I’m hoping wounds are healing,
    appetite is growing and things in general are looking bright.

    Sending good wishes,
    Kelly (from Philadelphia)

  37. Dan- Been thinking about you and keeping up with your recovery. Thanks so much for sharing with us all. Sending you much love and positive thoughts from Oakland an will see you soon.


  38. Hi Dan,

    Wanted to wish you a wonderful Fathers Day.. I have been thinking of you hope your recovery is going well


  39. Hi Dan,

    It’s Lisa here, your super nurse. I just came back from my trip to Seattle and Vancouver. Just want to check in and see how you are doing. I’ll bet that you’re thoroughly enjoying your own bed. You take care of yourself and keep getting stronger everyday. I’ll be checking back on your journals now and then.


  40. Dan, I admire your incredible spirit, and your giant balls. I’m sending my best wishes and good vibes your way… and by good vibes, I mean a gift basket from Good Vibrations. Keep on keepin’ on. Love & Respect, Todd

  41. Hi Dan,
    I was in Bernie’s today, and she told me that you had had your surgery and that things has gone well.
    I’m so glad. I’ve been thinking about you and sending all good wishes to the universe for your recovery.
    Reading your journal this afternoon was so moving – your spirit, courage, and honesty are truly inspirational.
    You’re so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family, but I have the feeling that if any of them needed
    you, as you need them now, you’d be right there! I’d want you in my corner – that’s for sure. So keep up the
    good work. And keep dancing!
    With love,

  42. hi dan. glad to hear things are going well. i pray for a comfortable, speedy recovery. say to your mom for me. judy

  43. I have to breathe weird to make more room inside my body to fit all the love that swells up when I think of you, and for all the awe that you inspire with your courage, warmth and positive humor… and thanks for the best goosebumps of my life: reading that the tumor is OUT.
    LOVE YOU, Dan!
    Rest well, heal up, and feel the love 🙂

  44. Hey Dan…Getting regular updates from Mom…So glad to see the way things are coming around…Hope you are getting plenty of rest in the hospital so you can have a full recovery and I’ll be in touch with you then…Your friend…Bill

  45. Hey Dan,

    This is your neighbor Ted. People are making off with my tools- including my Jackhammer. I need your help to retrieve.

    God Bless and get healthy soon,


  46. Gratitude:
    This is jimmy dan brother…I’d like to send my deepest thanks to the three people who are the most important factors in dan struggle and his trumpets through out this whole affair. My brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on march 7, 2011. On march 7,2011 dan decision to live was made. I’ve been with and him and seen him make the impossible possible. Now watching as he makes his way down the hospitals hallway on the second day after surgery makes me so thankful to Doctor Kirkwood…I don’t know how to thank her…Dr. Kirkwood held my brothers hand until he was unconscious on the day of his laporoscopy. Dr.Kirkwood is someone who was put on this planet to do what she does – save lives.

    A heartfelt standing ovation to the one and only Kaki !!!

  47. Danny – Adriana and I think about you every day. Praying for your continued strength and recovery. Sending you Big Love from the Big Easy. See you soon my friend.

    great view!

  48. Dan…thinking of you so much these past few days & sending all good love & blessings from Wisconsin. I’ve really been enjoying reading the updates here on your site. You’re kicking ass!! What an inspiration you are!! Looking forward to hearing you are home & healing well post surgery. Matt, Oliver, and I love you SO much!!!! Amy

  49. PRAYERS and warm fuzzy thoughts from across the miles. So thankful for all the updates.

    Love, peace, joy in your ongoing recovery,
    Chris Fitz 83

  50. I am so glad that you are thru the surgery and resting well. You are so brave and generous and reading your thoughts and of your experiences is a gift and a source of strength beyond what you can know. I wish you every bit of renewal and well being and all prayers that you are totally cancer free! Much love.
    P.S. I love the picture of you and Dillon, it is so sweet and true.

  51. Dan, thinking of a you and sending positive vibes for you to recover post op. Eddie and the Sassin family.

  52. We have been thinking about you all day and are so grateful to all who kept us posted on the progress of the surgery. Your amazing support team is the best of the best. Can’t wait to see you towards the end of the month. You have hugs coming your way along with best wishes for a speedy recovery. Who says that prayers don’t work!?
    Jan and Rich

  53. Hi Dan,

    We don’t know each other but we have a certain special Squashita Wizansky in common. Reading your story and learning a little about who you are, I have every confidence that you will awaken from your surgery with cancer obliterated and your freak flag flying proudly once again. You are delicious and wonderful and I can’t wait for the day on the playa when the sun peeks over the horizon, warming the night-frozen landscape, and I recognize you in your captain’s hat and it warms the tundra of my heart. Rooting fr you wholeheartedly here on the outskirts of SF.

    Love love love!!!



  54. hey dan – i know we don’t know each other that well, but i’ve been quietly following your story & rooting for you. was great to see you looking so well at whit & nicole’s wedding reception, and i’m looking forward to the time when we’ll all be out wreaking havoc once again. sounds like the surgery went well – strong work! sending big hugs to you & kaki… wanda.

  55. You are AMAZING!!!!!!!! And a continual source of inspiration. So, SO glad to hear that your surgery went smoothly!

    Team Ferris
    (aka Kristin Glass, Tim Ferris, and the Harpster)

  56. Dan-love,

    Thinking of you intensely. You are kick-ass.

    Sending so much love,


  57. Hey doll. Breakfast was nice yesterday…but having your Ma come to my house to see all of your gorgeous work–was the icing on the cake. I love you and have so many more projects up my sleeve. Thinking of you all day and I know you are in good hands with Dr. Kirkwood. “Get up, stand up. Stand up for your life.”

    Hope all the team loves their sippy boxes and treats.

    Love you madly!


  58. Hi Dan. I’m one of those people you don’t know, but I stumbled across your blog because we have a couple of friends in common. Isn’t it great how even though we have never met we are both basically in the same group hug? And how right now, as doctors probe and poke and splice, hundreds and hundreds (perhaps thousands!) of people are collectively holding you with all the love and fortitude and encouragement that exists in the world, even though you haven’t even laid eyes on some of them? I’m glad I get to be a part of that – thank you. Sending you my share of big midwestern love from a hot and humid day in southern Indiana and all the x’s and o’s this little old keyboard can pound out.

  59. Your strength and spirit are enormous, Dan. And you will sail through this surgery. I am thinking about you for the next 14 hours and sending strings of hope and strength. Whipple it! Whipple it good!

  60. I imagine you’ll be reading this after your successful surgery and on your way back to normalcy; Dan-Donovan-normalcy that is, which is exponentially greater, more loving, giving, creative and fun than any normalcy could hope to be.

    Go get ’em Dan!

  61. 86 Day’s ago my life changed and has continued to change. The up’s and downs of this “ride” have torn my heart into so many pieces. I can’t even begin to explain with words. Danny is my strength through this and he has always been my lifes guide. His amazing way of handling all he has been through is commendable and leaves me to be in admiration of my brother as I have been since the beginning of my life……I LOVE YOU!

    Your Brother,

  62. Hi Dan, I don’t know how I came across your blog but i’m hooked.. I am an ER nurse x 30 years – a rather practical gal but have seen first hand the factors that bump up survival rates – previous healthy lifestyle, strong support systems, positive attitude, strong sense of humor and zestful determination. Just reading your blog I feel survival stats increase. Great book – Love, Medicine and Miracles by Bernie Siegal, Cornell trained MD. I saw him speak in 1987 when it came out. The book is timeless and he is still going strong “practicing what he preaches”. I think you would love it (I talk like I know you) but I still think you would. It is a hard road but somehow I know you will beat this. A Phriend in Philly, Kelly

  63. Hey Danny, Just wanted to say I’ll be thinking awesome thoughts for you tomorrow and I know you will make it thru with flying colors. Love ya! Ronda

  64. Dearest Danster:

    Have been burning through candles–my form of praying–and sending good and strengthening vibes your way. It’s gotta be reassuring to see you have this whole herd of folks cheering for you and sending loving thoughts–and I’m one. Keep your sparkle.


  65. Hey there, Dan. Will be thinking of you on Wednesday and on Saturday as we’re around the fire at Bill’s. Keep the faith! Fitzy

  66. Dan, your spirit is astonishing and beautiful to behold. Sending you good healing karma over and over again. Man. May you feel safe, strong, and loved through this.

    much love,

  67. Hut and I are thinking of you and sending love, light, and strength. Awesome site – love the pics of you.

  68. Hey Dan. my name is Jim. i live a few houses down from your mom and dad. just want to give you news that I had a friend with pancreaTIC CANCER AND HE DID BEAT IT. tHIS HAPPENED TO HIM ABOUT 8 OR 9 YRS AGO , AND HES STILL DOING FINE. kEEP YOUR ATTITUDE POSITIVE..SORRY I HIT THE CAPS TAB AND I AM NOT GONNA RETYPE.LOL

  69. Brother Dan-
    Great to read about the latest test-the liver’s clean, the liver’s clean! Absolutely stoked to see you amidst so much love at the Slow Club last week, I am very honored to be part of your support system. Keep the faith, I have been thinking of you alot this week, as are many other folk who love you. Danny P.

  70. hi dan~

    we don’t know each other, but we have many friends in common. i’ve seen you mentioned on facebook time & time again over the last few weeks (you are obviously very loved) & i couldn’t help but want to stop by & express my best wishes for your journey through this process. i’ve seen cancer up close & i’m so sorry for what you are going through. reading through your journal here, i am inspired by your strength & spirit. i will be submitting my wishes to the universe for your gentle but speedy recovery &, through it all, a quiet, peaceful mind.

    all the best~


  71. Hello Sweet Beautiful Man. Your strength, courage and general AMAZING spirit is such an inspiration. Thank you for being such a force! You WILL get through this…I can feel it!! And in the meantime,….what wonderful blessings….this site and its offerings, your attitude and honesty, your friends, family and loved ones. This idea of humility you speak of….well my friend, it resonates as I experience your soul while visiting these pages. Thank you. Much Love and continued positive thoughts! xoxo Shauna

  72. Dear Danny,
    Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers! I have thought of you over the years
    esp. when I reconnected with Billy D. through FB. I always remember the “plays”
    and the fun we had with rehearsals esp. with “Charlie Brown”. I have such fond memories.
    My heart was full reading your story, and seeing how much support and love you have in your life, that
    in itself with get you through this!!! Thinking of you….sending lot’s of good vibes and positive energy. My thoughts/prayers are with you.
    Big hugs, xoxo

  73. Dan,

    Sending you many thoughts and a lot of musical notes your way.

    J.gibson or AKA Jacobson

  74. Hello Captain Dan,Dan The Man, Danny Boy,
    I am so sorry to hear what your going through.But your attitude is amazing!
    They say your attitude has a lot to do with healing.So you are certainly on
    the right road.Keep up the good work Dan and you will win the fight.
    The Malone family sends lots of love and prayers your way’
    Love Presh

  75. Karyn Kenney here….I’ve had a heavy heart since Tuesday when I found out about you current and temporary circumstances!! While reading through all your postings and your “how I got here” there is NO DOUBT in my mind you WILL prevail.
    Dan, you always were (even though I didn’t know it then) an amazing power of example. Looking back (27ish years ago…ssshhhhhhh) if I knew then what I know now……
    Sound like you’ve got amazing, strong, loving,selfless support out there~~~~exactly what you deserve.
    Lots of prayers coming to you from me and my family….told my mom…and she’s got an “in” LOL with the big guy upstairs….(she’s very devout LOL)
    I am a nurse here in Beantown…with connections to the “big hospitals”….let me now if there’s ANYTHING I can do.
    Know this….I will be praying for you, and I will be logging on and watching your progress and looking for updates. Would love to talk sometime.
    To this day~~ EJ makes me think of you.
    “A littlebit o’ HOPE is all you need” and it sounds like you have tons!!

  76. Hi Dan:

    Just stopping by to let you know that you remain in my thoughts and prayers. Think Big: 30th Reunion, “Supper Time” ovation (can you still fit into those brown cords and white turtleneck?). I’ll even let you jump into my lap again, old buddy.

    Hugs from afar,

  77. Hey Handsome. Just thinking about you a lot today and caught up on your blog. This site is so amazing. Just like you. Sending LOTS of love and strength to you my friend. * Mol

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