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I encourage everyone who visits this site to leave a note, no matter how brief.  It means so much to me .



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  1. Danny hello its jimmy….you hearing from my is nothing new cause we talk everyday of every minute that im still hear alone on this planet without you…I hear you as clearly as I did when you were influencing my life and I never really knew just how much. It’s said that dealing with the passing of a loved one gets easier to deal with and manage as time moves on…
    The truth is as time moves on I’m just made more aware that my brother is really gone and not coming home…

  2. It would be hard for anyone that knew Dan to believe that he was once the best friend in my entire world. I hadn’t talked to him in years… I believe it was March of 2004. I went to Orlando and visited the Navy base before it was destroyed and I sent him all of my pictures. He told me about “Suckerfish” and I went out and bought it… or did he send it to me… I can’t remember. Anyway, I still have it.
    February, 16th 1984
    I went to sleep in my rack, the first night of boot camp and in the morning 65 more of us were there for the “adventure” the Navy promised. The first person I met was Dan Hough (Hoogg) . We were instant friends, but then again it was only out of the ordinary for me because over the years I never met one person Danny wasn’t friends with the moment they met him.
    We were separated by schools, commands, ships and of course geography but we were never separated in spirit.
    We joined up again as we were stationed in Norfolk, VA. He lived with us for awhile on the beach and that’s where I met Robin and he son and daughter.

    My God, it’s been so many years and he’s been gone so long… i didn’t know… I wish I would have known. I’m not even sure why I’m posting this other than to make myself feel better. Maybe if someone that loved Dan reads this, they’ll know he’s still remembered by folks that you don’t even know exist. I remember him.
    I remember him doing whatever it took to support his family
    I remember his Mom and family taking me out on a boat in Boston and making fun of me not understanding what “shots” (shorts) were.
    I remember the nights in Milwaukee, Orlando, Chicago, Virginia Beach, a night in Willits and the house without a side and the move to the bus.
    I remember being there when his son was born

    I remember how I never seemed to have a problem when he was around.

    And now 17 months later, but it’s been only a matter of minutes for me, all I can do is remember. It seems somehow to be a slap in your face that I remember you so fondly but lost touch of your friendship over the years. I’m sorry. Forgive me my friend.

  3. Hi Dan,
    We didn’t get to spend much time together but the impact you had on me was profound. You were the first friend I made in the desert and the one who welcomed me into your playa family. I’ve come to love them all very much. Anyway, here’s a funny story: We let things get a little too messy at camp this year… and then suddenly, without a word spoken; people just started cleaning up their crap and frantically organizing the kitchen. I can’t speak for the others but I swear I could hear your voice in my head. The Captain expects us to run a tidy ship. And with that thought all we’re simultaneously motivated to make things Dan worthy. Anyway, I think you would have been proud of everyone.
    With everlasting love,

  4. Hey….a goodthing is the sun comes up like it should. Everybody continues life like expected…..with you dying obviously its a different feeling for everyone. Danny you know i’ve delt with death through life and kept on…but this is not what Ive felt like before like I said it’s different to others it’s the loss of a friend…loss of a compainion and the love remains. It’s over seven months and it’s just as dismalas the day I closed your eyes.You are and will always will be alive -no matter what im doing I think of you. I know you would rip my “head off” …and be like you always were and lecture the hell out of me and you know I’d listen…. most of the lectures were cause I’d be always tring for you get your approval…I would as usual “over do it” and nervously makeing things worse….

    We got along as brothers do……you are “LOVE”…. jim

  5. I’m sorry I didn’t notice the guest book part while you were around. I will do my best to pay more attention while I am around. Thanks for the kindness and the honesty. You did a great job.

  6. Hey!! My brother Dan Donovan your Eternal Royal /Love/Friendship/wisdom=You shared with me Daily!!!/Yearly in the Woodshop, We Making Family! Treasure’s(Yeah that’s right!!! Bigger then Santa’s Toy Store on Full throttle!!!) The Stern Lesson’s of a Royal Lad/ Brother!, Dan !!! I miss working until 1:00.a.m. getting you ready!!!/ sending you off to burning man anticipating your return to get back to work, your word’s expression’s(facial/verbal/and your dance move’s in the shop!!!.you got me to stop using!(Dan!!!=Your Cosmic Power’s!!!!!)Hey brother Danny! When I get to the Rainbow Lane I Pray I make Your Team!!!! My Eternal Brother Danny Donovan Your Validated Parking Spot “in my Heart is Eternally!!! Glowing!!!!. Love Alway’s. Chocolate. Brother:Derrick Ennis Drew. 12/29/12. 7:12.p.m.

  7. Your talent and spirit will be so missed. You were always my favorite indie film actor, and I always kept up with your through Kurt and your blogs. I am honored to have known you.

  8. I love you Dan. I’m sorry you had this hard fight. I did think if anyone could beat it it would be you. I’m so glad you had such a great team of support. Not surprising. You are the pied piper. Everywhere you go you are able to connect and light up a room. No one speaks like you or has your exact take on things. A true original.
    I’m very sad I didn’t see you to say good bye. I’m very sad I had n’t seen you the last few years. Different cities and life got in the way. I will remember you picking me up off the floor once in the ’90’s when I needed a friend to do so and you were the one I knew I could call. I will always miss you and always keep your smile and voice and crazy laugh in my heart.
    You were in my dream last night. I hope it was a visit. Have fun up there.

  9. My heart goes out to the entire Donovan Clan, and all of the friends in the Bay Area. The news reached me today, not unexpected but painful still. My condolences to all, my prayers for peace to all. Don and Dan will just have to create their own version of Burning Man in Heaven with all the love and joy and music they ever wanted to have.
    Remember the gentle spirit, the strength and the huge heart that was Dan. May his memory sustain you through the tears.
    Jan Steele

  10. To my extended Donovan Family,
    It is not often that I am at a loss for words but this is one of those times. I admired Dan’s courage and determination, I do not know of any other person who fought so hard to complete their bucket list as much as Dan had. I was very happy that I got to visit with him when he came back to Boston, I was honored that he thought so highly of me and my family. Perhaps we didn’t have the sa.e blood line but we have always considered ourselves as family. Our heartfelt Condolences to you all and may Dan now rest in peace.
    The Donahue and McCarron Families

  11. Hi Danny, I know you are with the angles now and watching over all of us. I just want to say that I am so proud to have had you as my brother. I will truly miss you to the moon and back. Things just won’t be the same with out you but, with the strength we will learn to carry on as you would have wanted. I love you so much your little sister.

  12. Dan! Thinking of you and some of those really nice moments at camp Frosty we shared! Be well, beautiful soul man.

  13. My brother…..Your battle is over time to rest.
    You and your “Power team” (“Kaki , Calum , Dillon”) have fought the most valiantly fought battle and as usual you took it to the max. Even though every day was not ideal you and your team fought 648 days ……182 days for the average person. You’ll notice average person “182” – My brother “648”….you are and forever will be my way I can manage to cope with dealings life gives me…..Your voice is what I hear.

    Thank you for being my brother …….

  14. there is nothing left of me. the ruby and the sunrise are one. — Rumi


    Blessing and love soars down the 101 , over the foggy bridge to you
    On this cold wet winter eve. Kept Warm with hearts intentions and a life of memories.
    I will carry your spirit and memories with me into the future…reminding me to make ordinary moments in life …full, unpredictable and lighthearted.

  15. Dan,
    I got this link from Holly’s Facebook page. You are me favorite actor to improv with in all of Northern CA. Looking forward to doing some call outs and pass bys with you again soon.. In the meantime let’s talk wood working. I am making a new outside gate/door at the side of my house. Should I go with treated wood or a well coated pine?I want it to look like a sturdy castle door.

    Dave Kramer

  16. Dan,
    It’s your Friend in Philly again. An ER nurse. A click from a click from a click on Facebook… and I met you. Your site lets us know you – your spirit, your humor, your strength and your enormous collection of friends. Keep Fighting the Fight and Find Peace and Joy in Your Days. I selfishly want you to beat this monster. This world needs you – an extrordinary, joy-bringing, loving, graceful, generous bloke!
    With love and good wishes, Kelly, an old ER nurse from Philly.

  17. Dan, Thanks for encouraging me. I am going through testing currently and have some of the same symptoms you had. The cat scan and sonogram were negative. i am having a mylase / lipase and a metabollic panel tomorrow (I believe they are all blood tests). I am praying for you.

    God bless you.

    Kevin Fahey

  18. You and your family and in my thoughts and prayers. This Page really touched me as my Husband had a brother initially misdiagnosed with acid reflux and he ended up with liver cancer stage iv 1 month later. He lost his battle shortly after. I never got the pleasure of meeting him. But, I can just imagine how great he was by looking at mu husband everyday.

    God Bless You!!!!

  19. Hi Dan OK Wow Now I know your trip – your fight. I had no idea. So glad you and your family joined us this thanksgiving. Ah the smell of sawdust in the morning…. or was that playa dust? Mike

  20. Hey Dan, we just got back from Deb’s party and were hoping we might see you. Luckily, we did get to meet your wonderful girlfriend. I’m sure we must have crossed paths in the past, but we had never spoken before. She was even sweet enough to squire around Jacob for a bit. She did use BOTH hands however. Do you remember the last time I saw you gave Jacob the one handed lift and I think my mouth kind of just dropped. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that David and I are thinking about you. Xoxo Jen, David and Jacob

  21. I just ran across your site randomly. You sound like an amazing human. I love that you have a “gratitude” tab…that speaks so much to who you are. So sorry for your pain and burdens….The Father is with you. Much Love, Lauren

  22. Glad to hear you got to Burning Man and impressed with your well-suited generosity! My thoughts and pagan prayers are with you and your beautiful and motley menagerie.

  23. Dan,

    Have been thinking about you since I recently heard (even got a tearjerker song out of it) and if anyone can beat this effing cancer thing, you can, Dinley. Tell Sock Boy I love him, (my own son is 12 now!), give Deb a gie-normous hug from me and I’m sending you love and hope,

    Maria V.

  24. Thinking of you and sending well wishes. I don’t even really know you, but I’m sending good thoughts just the same.

  25. Dan,

    Hope you’re doing well. I found your site while searching PC after my dear uncle underwent a “whipple” at MSK hospital in NYC this past week. Thanks for your blog and best wishes to you and your family. WWP

  26. Hey Dan,
    It’s been some months since your last post- I pray (which I don’t usually do!) that the chemo has given you some energy to keep your strength and fires going to keep you on this earth for so many of us you have graced with your presence.
    Thinking of you with LOVE
    Blessings for serenity,
    Anila and Hugh

  27. Hey Dan – I’ve been thinking about you lots. I am sending powerful beams of healing and strength your way. You’re amazing and I’m so glad to see all the support you have. Hope you are feeling it and are doing all right, enjoying some of the beautiful days we’ve been having lately. Hugs and love, Laura

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