5/6/11:  I wish I had the time to answer the each and every one of the notes that have been left for me . Once I have the surgery I think I will be able to because of all the bed rest I’ll be getting.

But until then my deepest gratitude to those I know and don’t know who have sent me messages of love and support. You don’t know how happy I am to hear from you and to be in contact with old friends again.


Dan Donovan (aka Danny Hough)


I’ve added this page to try to acknowledge all the great people who’ve been here for me in this very challenging time.

First off, something I failed to do in the first few blog entries is to thank the people who put this blog together and made it happen. Especially the man taking dictation right now, Calum Grant, my true friend and brother from another mother. Also Jason Meyers, webmaster, who has brought his considerable talents and patience to the endless tinkering I want to do with this site.

Thanks to my sisters from another mister, Hannah Sitzer and Erin Rooney, for organizing the fundraisers for me. Erin Rooney has generously offered her restaurant, the Slow Club, for the first event.  Hannah, btw, designed the eerily serendipitous poster of my doctor that hung in my hospital room (see the ‘My Doctor’).

I’d like to thank my mother for embracing all that is positive in life right now, even when it’s hard, and being open to helping me fight this thing, even from far away.

And my brother Jimmy, who has been my tireless slave through all this, and whom I love and adore.

And my sister Debbie, who has been sending me strength from afar.

And to the dear, strong, sweet, wise man who is my son. You’ve become even more luminescent and brilliant in the face of a brutally unfair burden. Thank you for easing my burden with your courage and support. I am going to beat this, I swear to ocean.

And Deb Fink, who has helped my fulfill my dream of becoming Jewish by being the best Jewish mother, and best advocate, a guy could ask for.

I’d also like to thank each and every one of you that left me notes on this site and elsewhere. I can’t express to you the warmth and love I have felt from all the messages I’ve gotten. Or the gratitude I feel for all the generous donations.

Please know, I would hug each and every one of you if I could.

And lastly, thanks to you for reading this. It is my sincere promise that I am going to beat this bitch deep into the earth, where it will remain until I decide to join it.





Oh oh oh sorry I forgot

PS, thanks Kaki